Spring Baby

Springtime on the farm = Babies.

Usually that means piglets, chickens and such, but this week it means that we have a brand new human.

Meet Arlo, he’s 3 days old and fairly adorable (I’ll admit to a slight bias in this regard).


We decided that since we’re getting the hang of raising livestock, we’d give raising humans another shot.  Baby humans take quite a bit more care and feeding, but they’re supposed to be pretty cool.  This particular human came in a bit smaller than his sibling at “only” 9lb 5oz.  His mother is grateful.

And I’ll leave you with a little game I like to call “Father or Son?”





  1. Congratulations and thanks for the daily dose of adorable!

    1. top left and bottom right – son
      top right and bottom left – father

      Certainly a strong resemblance

      Cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! BEAUTIFUL….A spring/Easter baby

  3. And a fine looking spring baby it is. Congratulations to you and Callina.

  4. So handsome and not quite sure I can tell the difference. I think you are on the left in both pictures with Arlo on the right!

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