October goings on.

We got the new chicks and all, but they really don’t take much time or care at this point.  Check their feed and water once a day and then find something else to do.

My mother and sister decided to come pay us a visit on Friday and Saturday.  They even managed to bring along Ada’s older (by 1 week) cousin Henry for some happy-grandmother-double-baby-cuddle-time.


The corn has all been harvested after a three day delay due to rain.


I’ve been walking the fields with the dogs and the baby gleaning some of the corn that’s been missed by the combine. I’m running out of room in my 35 gallon trashcan.  This ought to entice some squirrels to hang out near the house this winter, thereby providing the dogs with plenty of entertainment.


Callina started her job last week at the Mayo Clinic, leaving me home alone with Ada.  I’m not getting a whole lot done during the day, but she’s cute enough to make up for it.


Did manage to get this beast fired up. The lower floor quickly went from our normal 65 degrees up to 75.  The fan technically works, but is so noisy that it needs to be replaced.  For now a small fan in the corner is all that’s neccessary.


It’s starting to get cold at night, lows around 28.  Out of an abundance of caution, I bought a snowblower.  Sure it’s a year younger than I am, but it was meticulously maintained and it’s big enough to do our driveway without taking all day.



  1. Too bad the grandmother isn’t engaged with her grandchildren!! Cute babies!

  2. Andrew,
    Thanks for including some pics of those babies. It would appear that both babies are doing very well, and that you have things very much under control.
    The insert looks great, and I am sure will be a great asset to the comfort of your house.
    How is Callina’s job going? Tell her “hello”.

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